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White's of Westport


I can't thank you enough for all your help with the Blount Employee Celebration. It was a huge hit. The guests raved about the set-up, food and ambiance. Fun was had by all.

Until our next event,

Take care,

Andrea Walker


White's of Westport/Hampton Inn - Testimonials

Dear Mr. Richard Lafrance,

The MCB-12 Seabee Association, Inc. has been holding an annual reunion for the past 30 years.  I have attended all but three of these reunions, and have been directly involved or have planned the total reunion package for this organization for the past 15 years.  This year, as you are aware, we held our reunion on 26, 27 and 28 September here at the Hampton Inn and our banquet at White's.

Of all the reunions we have held, of all the countless other military and civilian meetings, conferences that I have attended, the gathering this year at the Hampton Inn and dinner dance in White's was by far the finest one I/we have ever experienced.

On Friday evening, I had made reservations for 30 at Bittersweet Farm.  We went over our limit and arrived there with 56 hungry Seabees and their spouses. The team at Bittersweet handled our group in an extremely professional and courteous manner with attention to detail as if it were a table for four.  As we say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu to all of them.  Well Done!

Your Team at the Hampton Inn was dedicated to making sure all Seabees were accommodated, comfortable and at home.  It is very easy to see that they all are extremely friendly, consciences and proud of this property by the immaculate facility they operate for you.  Bravo Zulu to all of them too!  Well Done!

As far as White's Restaurant is concerned, no one does it better.  I worked with Chris to customize a menu for our banquet that no one there, including me, had ever had before.  Charlie and Joe moved the 190 "Chow Hounds" through the buffet lines quickly and flawlessly.  For the first time in my experience with reunions, we were all eating at the same time and there was not one single complaint.  Chef Arthur really put the finishing touches on the meal to cap off a totally outstanding weekend despite the weather.  Bravo Zulu to all of them too!  Well Done!

All of the management and staff of the Lafrance Hospitality Group could not have treated us or served us all any better.  They were all dedicated to a fault to ensure the total success of our event.  I would be hard pressed to find anything to top our experience with you.  I will be meeting to plan our reunion for the next two years at your facilities.  I will also send out letters to other Seabee Organizations and Veteran Groups telling them how you do it so well.

If you would Richard, please convey to your team at the next meeting, how pleased we all were with your totally courteous and extremely professional staff.  Bravo Zulu!  Well Done!

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

William N. Napert Jr. - Treasurer and Reunion Planner, The MCB-12 Seabee Association, Inc.